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Episode 7

William Legge

“Insurance and Banking are the basis of all progress (modern) mankind has ever made anywhere and at anytime and to be part of it is a pretty big buzz!.”

The General Manager of the Underwriting Agencies Council, Mr William Legge discusses how selling publications along the east coast delivered him to the doorstep of the insurance profession. In this podcast, he also shares with us his learnings from doing business in the South East Asian markets and how that influenced his attitude to insurance business back home in Australia.

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About William Legge:

William Legge is a veteran of the general insurance market. He worked initially with South British United and South British in Australia and southeast Asia, then returned to Australia with SBU/NZI later moving to Mercantile Mutual, followed by FAI.

William then moved to the underwriting agency sector, joining MB Insurance, followed by Consolidated Underwriting where he ran five agencies across Australia and New Zealand. William now works for the Underwriting Agencies Council as its inaugural General Manager, based in Sydney.