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Episode 16

Richard Crawford

“Without a doubt, the most valuable thing you can be armed within (business) life is a half a dozen really good questions!”

How does a scientist with an environmental focus transition into leading one of Australia’s major Cluster Groups? Richard Crawford, CEO of Community Broker Network (CBN) discusses his varied career progression including the challenges he encountered in running his own SME business. In this podcast, he provides sage advice for leaders and aspiring leaders and the core attributes that are important in empowering people and developing careers.

One of Richard’s key mantras is that we should all be encouraged to ‘create a space for others to step into to grow and thrive!’

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About Richard Crawford:

Richard spent equal parts of his career in operational business management and in consulting. Richard commenced his career with the Shell Company and subsequently with Elders leading the insurance and marketing teams. After 10 years as principal in his own consulting practice Richard joined Insurance Australia Group where his focus was on talent development and culture change.

Richard joined NAS as GM Distribution for Community Broker Network with responsibility for bringing together three quite different communities of professionals into one of Australia’s largest AR networks. With the advent of the sale of the business by IAG to Steadfast in October of 2018, Richard assumed the role of CEO.

A Queenslander by birth, Richard and his wife Sue have recently returned to Adelaide where they have spent the last 26 years raising their family. His success on the golf course has risen to the same dizzy heights as the success of his football team, the Adelaide Crows.

Richard Crawford is a business leader and coach, whose career purpose is to develop and grow leadership talent.