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Episode 38

Matthew Denehy

“You can’t build a Company if you don’t build the People!”

The entrepreunerial, inspirational nature of Matthew Denehy is apparent from the minute he starts talking. Raised in an insurance family, the high school dropout took out a loan for $1 million at the age of 27 during the Global Financial Crisis because of his innate belief that he wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. Twenty-plus years on, his business is going from strength to strength. It wasn’t always that way as you will hear in this fascinating podcast.

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About Matthew Denehy:

Matthew is a passionate business professional who started out following his father into the insurance industry at the age of 16 and has made a mark in business growing the family business from startup to $15mil in 15 years. Along the way Matthew has gained enormous business acumen and skills which is allowing him to diversify his time into new businesses. Saying Matthew is energetic sometimes means you have to redefine energy as he is always on the move.

He gives his time to others by sitting on the board of three national companies where he gets an honorarium for his time, preferring to assist these companies in delivering their goals and outcomes. Holding three board positions, operating four companies, enjoying his cherished Harley Davidson, beloved wife and two treasured daughters— he packs a lot into his day—and achieves success.