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Episode 33

Gary Gribbin

“The one thing I did get right in my career is that I never moved for money!”

Gary Gribbin derives satisfaction from being involved and working with people he respects – and as a legendary industry leader and academic, over the years, he has worked with the who’s who of insurance. The eldest of six children, Gary attributes his success to the drive and determination modelled to him by his mother and rates social relationships equally with technical capabilities. In this podcast, he encourages insurance professionals to develop their product knowledge, market knowledge, industry knowledge and to draw on all the resources they possibly can but at the same time, understand that soft skills and interpersonal skills are utterly critical.

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About Gary Gribbin:

Gary Gribbin entered the general insurance industry in 1969 and moved into broking in 1976 when he was transferred to London where he had a varied body of professional experience including underwriting agencies; international broking; US treaty reinsurance broking; UK and LMX broking. 

In 1984 Gary returned to Australia in an academic position as Head of Insurance and Risk Management, replacing Warren Tickle who had become Insurance Commissioner. He spent 20 years in that academic position, whilst providing consulting services to a wide range of organisations including law firms; insurance companies; insurance brokers; Harvard; international companies; and IBNA as a director and Chairman for over 20 years. 

Gary then had an extensive involvement in the Medical Indemnity/medical malpractice segment which led ultimately to a return to insurance broking with Insurance House.

Known for his love of Hawaiian shirts and for speaking his mind Gary is non-executive Chairman of Insurance House; Queensland Insurance Brokers and Axis Underwriting and continues to be closely involved in the general insurance industry.