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Episode 35

Gabriele McDonald

“There are no barriers to what you can achieve, regardless of your upbringing!”

Migrant, Wife, Mother, CEO and Mentor, Gabriele McDonald has created a career path in the industry admired by many. Her belief that life is not a competition, it’s a joyride has enabled her to back herself and take control of her business destiny. Her fervent desire is that of creating a greater awareness of insurance for students from year 10 to university to encourage graduates to investigate insurance as a career of choice.

One of her many takeaways is that you’ve got to be inquisitive and you’ve really got to be bold and ask questions because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

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About Gabriele McDonald:

Gabriele is CEO & of Managing Director Protecsure, an underwriting agency located in Sydney that specialises in Equipment insurance for mobile assets and Liability for sole traders and micro-businesses. 

With nearly 40 years experience in the insurance industry, Gabriele is a highly accomplished executive leader who holds expert knowledge in intermediary and underwriting agency business procedures and practices.

Gabriele demonstrates her ongoing commitment to the industry by her continued involvement in mentoring programs and the ANZIIF Awards judging panel. Gabriele is a Tier 1 Qualified Insurance Broker, Certified Executive Coach, and AICD Member.