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Episode 27

Doron Grossman

“The secret to any career is to be curious. Ask lots of questions because it’s the question you don’t ask that is the most important question!”

Doron Grossman is of the firm belief that the insurance industry does not come with a prescribed handbook and his view that we are neglecting our responsibility to the younger generation entering the profession has been forged by his experience of over 40 years in many countries including Australia, Hungary, Singapore and Hong Kong. A man of action, he is of the opinion that physical activity generates mental activity however each brilliant idea is nothing without the desire, ability and commitment to execute. In this podcast, he urges us to make decisions bearing in mind one key fact – that we are in the people business not the insurance business.


  • Things you learn through your career are skills you will use
  • Leave the industry a better industry for the contributions you make in your career
  • Be clear as to what you want to achieve and what your aspirational goals are
  • Education is a non-negotiable
  • Don’t underestimate the innate qualities that make you you.

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