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Episode 18

David Wyner

“Claims people are…the most critical part of the insurance process where clients get to test the strength and the relevance of the money they’re spending in making sure they are properly insured.”

David Wyner is the ex-President, Chairman and Board Member of NIBA and one of those rare individuals who has worked for one Insurance Organisation for over 20 years. In this podcast, he discusses loyalty, learnings and how the profession has changed over the 40 years he has been involved in it.

His views on Authorised Representatives as a very real opportunity in the profession and gaining equity in business were forged from his personal experiences – both good and bad.

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About David Wyner:

National Insurance Brokers Association
Director and Past President
Director on the National Board

Head of Market Management

Reliance Franchise Partners
Managing Director

InterRISK Australia
Managing Principal

OAMPS Ltd (Now A J Gallagher)
Chief Operating Officer