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Episode 34

Colin Chinner

“I think we could do it (claims) better, we can coordinate it better and then we can sell it a hell of a lot better!”

From leaving school at the age of 17 to being a founder Partner of MSM Loss Management, Colin Chinner knows a thing or two about claims. In this podcast, we speak of a number of aspects in Colin’s business life including what we need to do better as an insurance community – particularly during catastrophes and the gaps as he sees it in developing the next generation of insurance people.

Colin is also quite candid about the challenges of balancing work and raising a severely handicapped child. His proactive approach and his mantra that the ‘glass is half full’ is nothing short of inspirational.

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About Colin Chinner:

Colin has spent his whole career in Insurance. He is a Fellow of ANZIIF and holds post-graduate qualifications including an MBA from the University of NSW. He is a founding partner in the firm now known as MSM Loss Management, involved in claims preparation work i.e., working only for client and/or broker. Colin celebrated 20 years at MSM in 2019.

MSM also provide consulting services on pre-loss issues including Business Interruption calculations, Business Continuity planning, policy reviews etc. and they run the technical help-line for Steadfast. Prior to MSM, Colin spend many years on the Underwriting side – with senior management roles in the NZI group of companies and then CIC insurance, with 2 years in between working in an Asia Pacific marketing role for loss adjusters GAB Robins.

He has been to London four times in the last 3 years with clients on difficult claims and placements & he has undertaken assignments around Australia & NZ, Asia Pacific, the Pacific Islands, USA and Middle East. He specialises in material damage, construction and business interruption claims but also works on liability, fraud & cyber assignments. He regularly appears as an expert witness. 

Colin is a regular presenter at seminars and conferences on technical matters.

His mantra is driving claims proactively so that both the Insured and Insurer benefit.