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Episode 19

Clim Pacheco

“I realised that I had done everything for everyone else and got a lot of personal satisfaction. But what was I doing for society?”

As a multi-potentialite entrepreneur, Clim Pacheco has a history of reinventing himself and his business life. His career (apart from his Senior Executive role at ANZIIF), has spanned that of an Author, Engineer, Educator; Privatisation and rationalisation of Victoria’s Train, Tram and Bus, V/Line infrastructure; Leadership coach and mentor and student at Harvard. His model for business life includes Earning: Learning: Giving and he believes that 3+1+1=10 is the ideal life work model. Listen to his podcast to find out why and find out how he is using mentoring, messaging and thought leadership to reduce unemployment and under-employment!


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About Clim Pacheco:

Clim commenced his career as a hydropower systems engineer in India, and continued the electrical engineering pathway in high voltage power transmissions and distribution in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. 

In 1983, Clim migrated to Australia and joined the Public Transport Corporation as a junior engineer and rapidly rose to the Group Manager, Train, Tram, Bus and V/Line Passenger and Freight Infrastructure position managing the state of Victoria’s transport network- at an exciting time of transition within the state leading to him ultimately being requested to work in the first team of three on the privatisation of the public transport system of Victoria.

Clim’s passion for education then led him to resign from transport and pursue management and leadership education and as Head of the Management and Leadership Department at Chisholm TAFE’s 6 campuses, he led an exciting team developing and delivering applied management programs to over 65 companies Australia wide and overseas.

Change was in his DNA, probably due to his early adventurous childhood in Uganda, East Africa, and Clim resigned again and ventured into insurance and finance, joining the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance and later as General Manager of the Education and Knowledge Department enjoyed yet another new career with exciting programs in Australasia. 

Eight years ago, at the ripe age of 60, Clim resigned to pursue a life dedicated to social and community causes and established his own company, Business Transformation Solutions and life has just got better like an aged wine.

Clim is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders Australia and New Zealand, a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute, UK, a Fellow of ANZIIF, and has an MBA, Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, Graduate Diploma in Vocational Education and Training, Diploma in Financial Planning and Project Management and has undertaken a Global Strategic Management Program at Harvard Business School at Boston, USA. He has served on innumerable Advisory Boards in Education, Business and Insurance.

The highlight of his adventures has been fulfilling a life-long dream of a trip to Antarctica and a chilling overnight camping experience. He has mellowed down since then with global adventures on terra firma.