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Episode 15

Angela Fitzpatrick

“There’s no one out there advocating for all the stuff you can learn (in insurance) whether it be risk, underwriting, actuarial, HR, compliance and you can do all of that through one Insurer if you really want to.”

Angela Fitzpatrick loves claims. In her words, it is ‘where the rubber hits the road’ and the point at which you can make a real difference in people’s lives. Over her career, she has stuck to the philosophy of ‘take a risk and find a good mentor.’ Angela shares with us how she has managed to do just that and create a successful career whilst navigating the challenges of raising a family, being true to her personal integrity and not settling for second best even when the chips were down.

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About Angela Fitzpatrick:

Angela has worked within the general insurance industry both for underwriters and service providers to the industry for 25 years managing people, process, projects, accounts and budgets. She has gained her experience with major and challenger brand insurers who operate both in the local and international markets, working across a variety of domestic, commercial and corporate products within bank assurance, broker/intermediated and retail/web/direct models.

Angela’s primary expertise is in the management of claims with other roles in customer service, investigations and relationship management. Some achievements include the management of tender submissions securing a contract with a large national insurer client, redesigning a claims function to deliver improved service and cost outcomes, implementation of procurement initiatives and development and implementation of Catastrophe Plans. Strengths are in the areas of people and relationship management, operational improvement & business analysis and change management and communication.