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We discuss the back stories behind those who have or are achieving great things in their careers.

Find out what worked for them and what challenges they faced. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in learning from those who have been there, done that, and are seeking to enhance their careers.

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Frans Du Plessis

“When I started out originally, I said to myself, ‘How awesome would it be to be in every major state I wanted to be in?’.”

By his own admission, Franz Du Plessis has made quite a few mistakes in the last few years, but that has not stopped him from acquiring multiple businesses in various industries. Driven by his mantra of just being happy and enjoying what he and his team do and learning every day, something new, Franz believes that if you fail, you see that as a lesson – you learn quicker, and you just start up again.

A podcast with a difference

New episodes fortnightly

We aim to get a feel for the personal side of business by learning more about those who have achieved or are achieving their aspirations in their careers.

We interview highly successful people and discover their experiences that have made them the business success they are today. We investigate the experiences in their backgrounds and the lessons they have learnt along the way that helped them develop their careers.

We get a rare insight into the challenges they have had to face and how they coped or didn’t cope with those obstacles. Our sole purpose is to help those who are interested in learning from the best to better their business and personal lives.

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Episode 104

Lyle Steffensen

“How do we get out of our own way so we can be transformational leaders?”

Speaking of the insurance industry, Lyle Steffensen says, “We’re an industry of mavericks. We’re an industry of people who don’t fit other places”. She follows that up with, “But I don’t think I’ve met many people who know that.” It is clear that Lyle has a passion for the insurance industry, but it isn’t the usual ‘I fell into it and loved it’ story.

Episode 103

Mark Silveira

“I’ve never been good at being a specialist at anything so I became a generalist at everything.”

Like many people in this podcast series, mine is a migrant’s story infused with the generous support of so many people, particularly from within the Insurance Industry. The ability to develop relationships and create a career working across so many diverse sectors of the insurance industry has ensured that I have had massive opportunities to learn, grow, and develop.

Episode 102

David Cook

“I look back now, and I think this (insurance) industry has made me a better person. That, to me, is the value of this industry; it gives as much back as you put into it.”

An accounting background allowed David Cook to work in retail. In his words, “Accounting wasn’t for me. It just didn’t suit me and my style. I loved the retail side of it, but sitting down there crunching numbers wasn’t for me.” Joining a premium funder was the start of his love affair with insurance.

Episode 101

Kara McInnes

“Insurance was never on my radar. It didn’t strike me as a career.”

Eradicating doubt is imperative in clearing the first hurdle to a successful career, and Kara McInnes discusses how she managed to do that in her life and career. In dealing with clients suffering significant stress during major catastrophes, she believes that using emotional intelligence and remaining emotionally resilient is critical to assisting those Clients and ensuring those stressful circumstances do not overrule and take over your entire day.

Episode 100

Jonathan Hubbard

“You’ve got to put the hard yards in, and there’s no easy path, no shortcut; you have to do the hard work!”

Jonathan’s first foray into insurance was with the Nottingham City Council In England. He felt he had found his calling in their insurance claims department. He then moved to Australia in 1994 and met some great people. His love affair with loss adjusting began with GAB Robins, where he was given the role of trainee liability adjuster. Thirty years on, his is an interesting story.

Episode 99

Shaneika Sutherland

“I always wanted to be better for myself. It was never that I wanted to be better than somebody else.”

Migrating from Ireland with a background in banking meant that Shaneika had to take a step back and start from the beginning in the insurance world. Her thirst for learning has seen her escalate her career in a very short time frame, and in 2023, Insurance Business honoured her with the Rising Star Award.

Episode 98

Nicholas Ackers

“I found it (Antarctica) the most incredible place to be (for work). The scenery, the shades and the colours and the vastness of where you change your whole mindset”

Complex, interesting, major losses helped pave the way to become the loss adjuster and person Nick is today. In his own words, “When I left the farm, I never ever imagined I would be doing what I now do or become what I am now.” With experiences in Antarctica, Exmouth and the Pilbara, when Nick was forced to leave his farming life, he never ever imagined he would be doing what he now does or become what he is today.

Episode 97

Katrina Shanks

“Your footprint should be bigger than yourself.”

Influenced by a grandmother and father, both of whom devoted their time to public service, Katrina Shanks has established a huge presence public presence in New Zealand and, as a recent migrant to Australia, hopes to continue that work in her new role as CEO of ANZIIF.

Episode 96

Tim Fairbrother

“I learnt pretty quickly when I was young that nothing great comes without hard work.”

A professional rugby player for 13 years, Tim looks back on that time – a time when he says, “You earn really good money, you don’t even have to buy running shoes or lunch”, what it taught him and how he was able to apply it in his business journey.

Episode 95

Isabelle Kwek

“I think women have a tendency to need to feel confident about what they do before they step into an opportunity.”

Having migrated to Australia from Singapore at the age of 6, and then attending law school in New Zealand, Isabelle Kwek soon worked out that mediation was her ‘thing’. She credits her development to those who have mentored her both formally and informally as well as those who have seen potential in her.

Episode 94

Heather Blanco

“I wasn’t going to let anyone prevent me from getting to where I wanted to be.”

Being challenged as a young female by a plethora of difficult personalities, Heather has had to learn the sometimes difficult art of standing up and calling people out. Having now worked out her own strengths and immersed herself in education, Heather believes she is in an excellent position to provide support to her team as well as others facing similar challenges.

Episode 93

Deborah McBrearty

“One of the biggest challenges for me was being made redundant because the world economy had collapsed.”

Finding herself as a solo parent in London with two small children caused Deborah to reevaluate life. Most would have moved back home to New Zealand for the safety of family and friends, but Deborah decided to pack up and move herself and her two small children to take up a role in Barcelona, much to the surprise of her boss. Deborah’s view on life: you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and find new opportunities because your best performance is still ahead of you.

Episode 92

Tim Rafton

“I was never going to let the wheelchair define my life!”

It’s not the smartest or the strongest but the most resilient that survives and Tim Rafton understands this better than most having had the ‘lived claimant’s experience’ of surviving a near fatal motor accident.

Episode 91

Anita Lane

“It changes your DNA when you have to build and grow your business with no safety net.”

Working as a box girl at Lloyds, taught Anita that being young and female was something to be proud of and embrace wholeheartedly. It was also instrumental in developing her power of observational behaviour and becoming intuitive and resilient, which has stood her in good stead as she co-founded the underwriting agency Solution Underwriting.

Episode 90

Nick McLardy

“Get in front of people and ask stupid questions!”

A career in insurance means Nick is able to indulge his passion for traveling as well as expand his capabilities within the business environment. To date, his biggest challenge has been that of managing people – he is quick to add that it is a good challenge.

Episode 89

Tanushree Arora-Sopori

“Do not jump into whatever you get. Think of what you love and what you want to do.”

With parents who were a teacher and an accountant and living in Agra (India), Tanushree and her University sweetheart (now husband) created a dream to migrate to Australia whilst they were in their 20s.

Having achieved that dream but then finding that her destiny was being ‘ruled’ by Organisations, Tanushree decided to take her future into her own hands and set up her own insurance broking business with her husband.

Episode 88

Dale Smith

” I used to think that wealth was a measure of success but you soon realise that that’s not the case.”

By his own admission, whilst he trained as an Accountant, Dale knew it wasn’t the career for him, however, that grounding gave him insight into how numbers work and the early warning signs in business to be aware of. His trajectory from Accountant to entrepreneur wasn’t always an easy one and Dale speaks of some of the sacrifices and costs involved in following his dreams.

Episode 87

Tetiana George

“It’s important to be able to make mistakes.”

In February 2022, Tetiana’s world turned from very rosy and optimistic to a very dark place. With her home Country, Ukraine being invaded and suffering pre-natal depression, starting a new business was a struggle. Feeling she just needed to survive and find pleasure in the small things in life gave Tetiana the momentum to get back to being the center of energy, so she could lead people and inspire them.

Episode 86

Drew Schnehage

“Step up. Step out and put yourself out there.”

From running a modeling school at age 25 to creating a career in the corporate world including commencing an underwriting agency at 32, Drew Schnehage has been goal-driven from a young age. She explains why and the lessons she has learned along her journey.

Episode 85

Aimee Henderson

“The only way you learn and grow is to push yourself into those uncomfortable situations and do it anyway.”

Having experienced the life insurance and general insurance industries, has given Aimee a real passion for what she does best – assisting people when they need her the most. This was never clearer to her than when, six months after joining a Broker, the Christchurch earthquake hit and she and her lead Broker were front and center in decisions that impacted people’s business and personal lives. The lessons learned she has never forgotten.

Episode 84

Peter Klemt

“Always make time for your passion whatever that may be.”

Reflecting on a family tragedy that has impacted him deeply, Peter Klemt is mindful of the fact that post-COVID, we no longer have that separation between our professional and personal lives. He speaks openly about the challenges he and his family have faced as well as the changing ‘new world’ of work and the support required for people to be their very best.

Episode 83

Clifton Warren

“You don’t just renew accounts – you renew relationships!”

The original Founders of insurance businesses are retiring and this is creating a sales void and sales knowledge gap. When it comes to relationship development, we have not been innovative enough. The business environment is much more complex today and the professional today needs to be able to have innovative conversations, relate to the client, and share ideas as to how they can assist the business. This, in turn, delivers value and gives the insurance professional options as to how to service clients in the future.

Episode 82

Sarah Lyons

“You’re probably more capable than you think you are and you will probably go further than you think you can.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right the first time. You learn a lot more by not succeeding immediately says Sarah Lyons. In the early part of her career, Sarah would question if she was good enough. In commenting on her turning point, she refers to one of her Mentors whose belief in her and her desire not to let him down surpassed where she thought she could go.

Episode 81

Kirk Populin

“There are so many pathways insurance can take you to.”

With a family history of hard work in labour related industries as concreters and bricklayers, Kirk Populin’s family wanted him to develop a career that was significantly different from theirs. His journey has taken him from financial planning to life insurance, insurance education, underwriting, and finally insurance broking. The one common thread – is Kirk’s ability to develop relationships and establish supportive networks.

Episode 80

Jasmin Gabrielli

“I think as women we need to be more confident and believe in ourselves a bit more and push ourselves a bit more.”

Moving from Mt Gambier to Adelaide to Melbourne meant that Jasmin had to reinvent not just her business and personal network but most importantly herself. That journey has not always been an easy one. A love of what she does due to her relationship with clients and helping them with their problems and providing great advice is what motivates Jasmin and has helped her overcome those challenges.

Episode 79

Tryan Christos

“I truly believe this deep down that the insurance industry is the best industry to be in.”

As a young Managing Director, Tryan Christos has not been ‘gifted’ his position in the family business. The pressure of having the whole family put a lot of trust in him and being able to prove to people who he is and show them they can trust him is, according to Tryan, hands down the hardest thing he has ever done.

Episode 78

Jodi Sharman

“You’ve got to like what you do. You can’t just go to work for the money.”

A self-confessed control freak, Jodi has developed a strategy to help her deal with things that are not in her control. Her coping strategy? “I just try and sit back, reflect, and think ‘How can I do something differently next time? I think you’ve just got to pick yourself up and keep learning and try again.” Judging by her success, that strategy works!

Episode 77

Cameron McKerchar

“I think that’s the beauty of this industry that we’re in. It can actually take you anywhere and everywhere – which is why I love it so much.”

Cameron made a crucial mistake in life that he is not going to repeat again – not speaking up about mental health and his deep dark spiral which was on the verge of taking over his life. In this podcast, he also discusses various factors that helped him to move forward and how his focus on looking at the positives saved his life.

“There’s always something wrong in our lives and we can choose to focus on that or we can choose to (focus on) what we are grateful for. Even in the darkest times, there are aspects to be grateful for.” – Cameron McKerchar

Episode 76

Marc Crossman

“I didn’t really like school. I didn’t finish school either. In class ….I wasn’t focused and I was very much a distraction to other people.”

Family support and guidance has been an integral part of Marc developing his career. He credits the benefits, rewards, and networks he has managed to foster to the day-to-day engagement with and support of the insurance community of which Marc says, “Is such a marvellous industry, it’s so rewarding that it’s really hard to articulate to anyone outside it.”

Episode 75

Jackson McDonald

“There’s so much opportunity for people to own their own business, get equity in a business… and you don’t see that in a lot of other industries.”

Jackson accredits a lot of his success to his parents and his having developed a vital and robust network of people he can call on for assistance and advice. Developing that network was a learning experience. In his words, “I invested a lot in my relationships with other people even to the point where there were maybe some people that I shouldn’t have. And that was a hard lesson to learn.”

Episode 74

Blair Nicholls

“Success always has a large number of owners. Failure doesn’t have any.”

When asked about times of stress, Blair cites moving to the UK for his work with 3 children under 4 years of age as high on the list of challenging times. His advice to others: be braver, take risks, avoid politics, and speak up. He believes that if you do something you love, you will do it really really well. Take more risks than you think are sensible but manage them.

Episode 73

Jason Clarke

“I don’t think there’s a role I’ve moved into that I’ve been ready for.”

There are a lot of fantastic people in our industry whom you can learn a lot from on a variety of topics including dealing with customers, product technicalities, or just smart business advice according to Jason Clarke. When asked the question, Jason Clarke is quick to respond “The people side is what I love. Helping people to get better, being able to get out and meet clients is the most enjoyable part of our industry.”

Episode 72

Megan Duckworth

“It’s not what happens or what you’re going through. It’s how you react to it (that counts)”

Megan Duckworth may be a third-generation insurance person. However, her desire to carve her path is very evident in how she views her contribution to the insurance sector. Apart from her parents’ work ethic, Megan credits her time in the sport of rowing as being crucial to her success. The discipline involved in rising at 4.15 am, rain or shine, training and then doing a full day before training again at night was instrumental in demonstrating to her the rewards that can be achieved.

Episode 71

Jonathan Moss

“The first two years out of cricket were the most horrible times in my whole life. You have no idea what you want to do and what your purpose is (and that is challenging) in your mid-30s.”

Moving from a professional sporting career into a business one was not just challenging mentally but also physically for Jon Moss. He attributes his ability to adapt to business life to the lessons his parents taught him – you can either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. He chose the latter and it still serves him to this day.

Episode 70

Suzi Leung

“For (my) family to get on to a rickety boat in the middle of the night and sail across the sea, they’re doing that out of desperation and the want of something better for their children.”

After qualifying as a lawyer, Suzi realised on her way to the train station that she didn’t want to be a Partner in a law firm. The learning, challenge and team environment provided by insurance was a powerful pull that made Suzi a happier person. Suzi’s view that insurance is an industry of people who genuinely care – they care about each other, they care about what we are trying to do for the community means she is committed to a career in insurance because in her words, “we are the promise keepers” and have a direct impact on customers lives.

Episode 69

Samantha O’Brien

I don’t think expectations have changed but I think what goes to meeting those has.

Starting off as an insurance litigator gave Samantha O’Brien an interesting view into the world of insurance. Now as a corporate commercial lawyer in the insurance sector, she is of the opinion that the more you know about a sector, the better adviser and lawyer you become. Being authentic, being yourself, and understanding that that is enough are words she encourages others to take on board as they seek to develop their careers.

Episode 68

Shane Moore

(My grandfather) had a really good strong work ethic, built a career, and still had time for family – I hope I can live up to that as well.

Shane Moore discovered that starting a business was a lot more difficult than he thought it would be. He found it challenging to develop leads and handle the client-facing role and do both well. Added to that, challenges in business partnerships, naivety and lack of obtaining advice has taught him much since he started in 2010. He credits much of his current success to his Team and their support – not just of him, but also of each other.

Episode 67

Stephen Nguyen

Giving ‘time’ is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.

The evolution of the industry every eighteen months (as he sees it) is something that inspires and challenges Stephen Nguyen. Having learned the value of resilience, teamwork, and gratitude as a son of Vietnamese migrants, Stephen is a living example of the new generation of insurance people making their mark and further enhancing the financial services industry in an exceptionally positive manner.

Episode 66

Kirsty Macleod

Everyone ‘falls’ in it (insurance), but no one leaves, so we must be doing something right.

Changing the perception of insurance brokers and the industry as a whole is the underlying aim that is the lynchpin of Kirsty Macleod’s professional ambition. She gauges how well she is doing this by the number of clients that subsequently become friends and the satisfaction she gets in leading her team to perform at their best in their business and personal lives.

Episode 65

Madison Seymour

I found insurance incredibly fulfilling in a way that I suppose hadn’t resonated with me in my previous marketing role.

Listening to Madison’s views as a younger person entering the insurance space on many aspects, including the challenges of COVID, the expectations of the younger generation from their employers, the ‘super power’ of being a young woman in the industry and what we can do to provide greater client value, you get the feeling that the insurance industry is in great hands if the new generation is anything like Madison Seymour.

Episode 64

Kate Fairley

It was a big challenge for me as a young person to go slowly.

Diversity and inclusion, entrepreneurship and listening to the ‘oldies’ are some interesting topics we cover with Kate Fairley – owner and insurance broker at Macedon Ranges Insurance.

Kate’s remarkable tenacity and superior client focus come from her belief: “If we’re not the cheapest, if we’re not the most suitable option for the client at the time, that’s fine. It’s more about the relationship to me and making sure the client is well looked after.”

Episode 63

Shilpa Strong

I remember early in my career, and I was dissuaded from taking on a front-line role because it involved working in the ‘rough and tough world of the (male) dealers’.

Forgoing Shilpa’s initial dreams of being an airline Pilot, her degree in electrical engineering has assisted Shilpa Strong in taking on high-profile global roles with several first-tier global insurers and transforming companies – specifically in technology and automation. “Having been in different environments has enabled me to tell myself I can be anywhere and make it work,” she says.

That said, Shilpa also believes that change is very difficult for most people and the challenge is that businesses focus on people if they are to succeed in implementing lasting change.

Episode 62

Shane Brady

Push yourself to learn more, do that extra bit of research, peel the covers back and get excited about what it is you’re doing. That motivation can fuel you!

A firm advocate for self-motivation, Shane Brady started his own insurance broking business, having left a secure well paid role he had occupied for 11 years and at a time when his wife had their first child who was a few months old and during the global pandemic. Would he do it again? It’s an emphatic yes from him.

His mantra, “Do extra, do more and get a good team of people around you”, enables him to do what he is passionate about – assisting his clients when they are at their most vulnerable.

Episode 61

Matt Crewe

Sometimes it easy to decide where you want to go by ruling out what you know you don’t want to do.

Having researched the insurance sector before entering it at a more advanced age than many, Matt Crewe still pinches himself every time he is exposed to the multi-faceted opportunities and career paths he is presented with. Having recently left to assist his father in his business, Matt credits the experience he gained working in insurance from the ground up for the depth and width of his capabilities as a business person and a leader.

Episode 60

Kathryn McClunie

I probably aligned it (Insurance) with Accounting… but what I noticed really quickly when I went to some Young Insurance Professional Groups is WOW… There are so many opportunities for young people in our industry and it’s a hidden gem.

Coming from an ‘insurance family’ Kathryn McClunie did not rely on their credibility to forge her own path. An entrepreneur by nature, she started an online millinery business with her sister and sold it just pre-COVID to focus on other business-related goals. In this episode, Kathryn shares with us why her involvement in insurance (other than her family) is her passion and her vocation.

Episode 59

Jessica Jenkins

“I went through a stage where I thought I had to be tough and I thought I had to be different to who I was to fit in. I was trying to change the stripes that I had been born with and failed miserably.”

There isn’t much that can take Jessica Jenkins off her career trajectory as you will gather from her views on work and client service in this podcast. There is one thing that has caused her to pause and reflect, however, and that was the birth of her daughter. Jessica reflects on and shares her views on combining a career and family life.

Episode 58

Sam Menegola

“You have to be willing to fail …..and willing to give the effort and the emotional investment that it takes.”

Living proof that the insurance sector welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds, AFL Geelong Cats footballer, Sam Menegola is just such an individual. In this episode, Sam shares how his AFL career has helped to shape his work as an Account Executive at International Brokerage Willis Towers Watson (WTW). An inspirational young entrant, Sam explains what the insurance industry is giving him in return.

Episode 57 (Bonus)

Mark Silveira

“We’re back with Season 2”

We will release the first podcast of our 2023 season in the coming weeks. This short episode outlines what’s new in Season 2 of ‘Business Made Personal’.

How to contact Mark Silveira:
Phone +61 (0) 409235975

Episode 56

Paul Lynam

“People are always going to make mistakes. Don’t crucify them for it.”

Making mistakes, learning from them and moving on has provided important lessons for Paul Lynam. A self-confessed risk taker, he believes that the way to advance your career is to challenge yourself and combining that with the desire to keep everybody standing and navigating the personalities are major functions of business success. The enormous change the insurance industry has been through has placed the industry in a very good position and provides excellent opportunities for those who enter and remain in it.

Episode 55

Allan Reynolds

“We can’t call ourselves a Profession if we don’t have qualifications!”

A country boy from Mooroopna in country Victoria and one of 6 children, Allan Reynolds talks about opportunities, travel, personal brand and jet skis all of which he credits directly to his time in the insurance industry. Over the years and due to his involvement with Brokers, he had formed a deep understanding and respect for those who have the gumption to back themselves and his current business life mission is to change perceptions – specifically “perception that we don’t pay claims, perception that we’re not professional and the perception that we’re not a career of choice”.

Episode 54

Roger Abel

“All of the magic, all of the solutions, all of the opportunities are in the negative comments, the detractor comments from Clients.”

Roger Abel has a genuine interest in people and commerce and believes that has propelled him to seek opportunities and beneficial change. Growing Rothbury from 7 staff and one office to over 400 people and 25 offices, Roger discusses the important aspects of culture, technology and how net promoter scores changed the business and its relevance to its Clients.

Episode 53

Jenny Bax

“I lost 12 months of my memory (due to a serious car accident)!”

Following a serious accident when she was 15, Jenny Bax was unable to complete year 10 and not expected to survive let alone achieve the stellar national and international career she has carved out in the insurance industry. Jenny’s stories of overcoming adversity through resilience will echo loudly with many people. In her words, “the industry has given me the opportunity to understand myself, understand what I enjoy and where I want to go!”

Episode 52

Dr Pat Boulogne 


“A lot of the time we go so fast that we forget the little things and the little things matter.”

Dr Pat Boulogne a Functional Medicine practitioner and Chiropractor has made it her life’s ambition to target the root of health problems and asks that we don’t ignore important signs that may become a disease that will kill you. In her words, “Genes can’t be changed. You can change the message genes receive from the environment. (It is important that) diet and lifestyle medicine solutions are tailored to what counts: Results.”

Dealing with busy executives and entrepreneurs, DR Pat has been able to assist them to regain their mindset mastery by using superior individualised wellness initiatives to enable people to be more productive and have more endurance giving them the ability to move forward in their lives.

Should you choose to, Dr Pat Boulogne can be accessed via
We do not endorse any products or Speakers on Business Made Personal podcasts.

Episode 51 (Bonus)

Mark Silveira

“We are preparing to make our podcasts even more meaningful in 2023 and would love your help.”

The Business Made Personal team wishes to thank all of those who have supported the podcast series including our fabulous guests; our awesome listeners, and those wonderful people who have taken the time to provide us with their suggestions. We also have some exciting news which is shared in this podcast.

Episode 51

Steve Ord

“Embrace it all. Don’t look back. Just go after it and trust your gut.”

Having started in the insurance sector at 17 years of age, Steve Ord reflects back on his time in Australia, UK and Europe and how it impacted him both positively and negatively in business and in his personal life.

A firm believer in the concept that ‘it’s the ability to adapt and move forward’ that makes individuals successful, Steve highlights the fact that it is constant learning, challenges and change that inspire and invigorate him.

Episode 50

Matt Ennis

“To go through life without (making) mistakes I think is probably THE greatest mistake.”

With a diverse background in drama and theatre prior to migrating to Australia, Matt Ennis had to curtail his ‘free spirit’ to learn how to apply himself and develop his insurance career. Credibility, positivity and constant evolution through learning and thinking outside the box has culminated in Matt being recognised and awarded the Industry Partner Professional of the Year Award by CBN in 2022.

His mantra is that in any role you’re in, you can always find room to move in that role. He urges listeners to find the challenge in their role and don’t just sit inside the box.

Episode 49

Nick Cook

“Be open to whatever might come. Don’t think that life is in a box.”

You can not fail to be impressed and inspired by Nick Cook. His view on life when things don’t go as planned and his honest appraisal of the insurance sector is sure to strike a chord with most people.

One of the industry’s true gentlemen, the glass is always half full with Nick and he sees the future of and shares with us his view of the insurance sector in this candid podcast.

He is also a staunch advocate for global experience stating people may also wish to consider finding a role in another Country to expose themselves to the different working of that market.

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Episode 48

Rick Wolozny

“It’s not about me. It’s about how good we are as a team.”

Having had just 2 jobs in over 40+ years in the insurance sector, Rick Wolozny understands the meaning of patience, persistence and perseverance. He has firm views on the advancement of technology, it’s contribution to diminishing technical insurance knowledge and the instant turnaround requirements expected of us 24/7. However, this does not diminish his belief that “there is still more opportunities in this industry than there is time in the day”.

Episode 47

Bob Richards OAM

“Never accept what you are told. Ask another question to clarify.”

56 years in loss adjusting has taught Bob Richards a thing or two about working with and helping people. In fact, his enormous community focus culminated in him receiving an Order of Australia Medal and volunteering in India to eliminate polio.

His contribution to the Loss Adjusting sector of the insurance profession and his desire to pass on his knowledge is evident in this podcast as a historical account of the development and growth of loss adjusting since the early 70s.

Episode 46

Stephen Jones

“Invest in yourself. Don’t adopt a mindset that whoever you work for has to do all your development.”

Stephen Jones, as a first-generation immigrant, found out the hard way that if you want to develop yourself and your career, you have to do the hard yards. Apart from gaining his insurance knowledge, Stephen committed to long-term part-time study culminating in his obtaining his MBA.

In this podcast, the passion Stephen has for the profession is palpably evident. But it hasn’t always been a bed of roses – he also discusses the challenges of having been in a role that took a toll on his family and himself.

Episode 45

Anthony Pagano

“What got you here today, may not get you there tomorrow… you have to continually learn to adapt!”

Being pushed by his Dad to ‘get a real job’ so he didn’t come home with black eyes and bruises to recognizing his wife as his most influential support, Anthony Pagano is eternally grateful to have found his way into the Insurance industry.

Having been the recipient of enormous mentoring support in his early years, he is now keen to mentor and assist others in forging a career in the insurance industry. In this podcast, Anthony discusses the challenges of creating a work-life balance and of investing in yourself as well as his belief that people spend more time looking at their mobile phone contracts than reading their insurance contracts!

Episode 44

Graeme Young

“I couldn’t even list the (amount of) learnings I’ve gained from working in the insurance industry.”

“It’s taken me 30 years to find the job that I really enjoy” and now that he has, Executive Search Consultant Graeme Young has some sage advice for career development in the insurance market. Foremost is that a career in claims could be the best career you could ever choose because he believes that the claims environment is where you are exposed to even more of what goes on in the world. And once you’ve got a dearth of experience and knowledge behind you, it’s how you impart that knowledge and experience into conversations that you might be having with your clients that will make you stand out.

He is also a staunch advocate for global experience stating people may also wish to consider finding a role in another Country to expose themselves to the different working of that market.

Episode 43

Don McLardy

“We’re a very, very valuable and important industry and occupation and yet we just don’t take it seriously ourselves, and we kind of put ourselves down a bit.”

From commencing his own insurance broking career to saving the Melbourne Football Club, Don McLardy is an exceptional relationship developer and visionary. He speaks of the difficulties he has experienced in an acrimonious split from a business he loved being part of and how he recreated his insurance business as well as the Melbourne Football Club with the support of his business partners, his family, and his late, great friend Jim Stynes.

Episode 42

Kirk Cheesman

“The only way forward and the only person who can keep me going forward is myself.”

The one emphatic point made by Kirk Cheesman, is that treating staff as family is the way to retain staff, keep clients happy and develop a successful business. Having lived with his grandmother since 13 years of age, it is clear that he is a product of the motto work hard, do the right thing and be grateful and life will take care of itself.
Kirk highlights the Global Financial Crisis as one of the most challenging times in his career and how his desire to look after his staff during difficult times has reaped benefits many times over.
Kirk is also a believer that we as an insurance sector need to collaborate more not just for the greater good but also to develop our businesses and reputation with the general public.

Episode 41

Darren O’Connell

“Your personal brand and your reputation is something I’ve learnt is critically important.”

Darren O’Connell encourages those in the industry to be curious and ask why do we do things this way? He believes that is one way we can advance the insurance sector and our own careers.

A staunch advocate for developing people, he also holds the opinion that the push for digital experience and automation definitely has benefits – many benefits, but one of the casualties of technological advancement is the opportunity for people to learn the very basics of disciplines such as underwriting.

Episode 40

Kimberley Jonsson

“When I’m at my best is when I’m being myself!”

As one of Australia’s youngest CEO’s, Kim Jonsson understands well the fact that you have to invest in yourself through the way you are spending your time at work. A firm believer in education as a way to underpin experience, she has said, “It’s not your boss’s or Organisations job to be developing you.”

In this podcast, Kim discusses the joy of winning the ANZIIF Young Insurance Professional of the Year Award and the surprise in learning she was going to be appointed as the CEO of CHU Underwriting Agencies at a Zoom meeting.

Episode 39

Tim Considine

“If you lose relevance then you’re probably out the door!”

With his first insurance sale earning him $7.94c, Tim Considine knew that he was going to do everything he could to be successful as an insurance broker. He attributes his business growth and success to his ability to develop relationships, having a great team around him and being fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. In this podcast, Tim also speaks candidly of the challenges of succession planning and how insurance has enabled him to progress further than he ever thought he could.

Of the insurance sector, Tim says, “It’s a great industry. We can be well remunerated, we can be well rewarded, it can take us around the world, it can take us in a myriad of different directions.”

Episode 38

Matthew Denehy

“You can’t build a Company if you don’t build the People!”

The entrepreunerial, inspirational nature of Matthew Denehy is apparent from the minute he starts talking. Raised in an insurance family, the high school dropout took out a loan for $1 million at the age of 27 during the Global Financial Crisis because of his innate belief that he wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. Twenty-plus years on, his business is going from strength to strength. It wasn’t always that way as you will hear in this fascinating podcast.

Episode 37

Lyndon Turner

“If you can see there’s a challenge coming up, you’ve just got to get in front of it!”

The one thing that comes through when we speak to Lyndon Turner is his passion for the industry and an unshakeable commitment to what he does.

In this podcast, Lyndon speaks about the personal challenges he faced in growing a business from 7 employees to 70 and what he has had to do to reinvent himself to meet those challenges. One of his favourite mottos is ‘Listen, Learn, Grow’ and it is evident in how he manages Nautilus Marine and NM insurance.

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Episode 36

Tony Clark

“You need to manage your own career. Don’t expect it to be put in your lap and don’t expect other people to do it for you. You’ve got to do it yourself!”

Tony Clark speaks to us about the challenging experiences during his career that has shaped his desire to create an inclusive and empowering culture at National Transport Insurance (NTI). Having joined NTI at a time when the business was struggling, he credits the success of the Organisation directly to the people involved as well as his now well-established proactive mantra of allowing people to fail with support.

A staunch advocate for education and the betterment of oneself, Tony has a number of enlightened views on career development that he discusses in this podcast including that of encouraging individuals to create a Board of Directors to assist them with their career aspirations.

Episode 35

Gabriele McDonald

“There are no barriers to what you can achieve, regardless of your upbringing!”

Migrant, Wife, Mother, CEO and Mentor, Gabriele McDonald has created a career path in the industry admired by many. Her belief that life is not a competition, it’s a joyride has enabled her to back herself and take control of her business destiny. Her fervent desire is that of creating a greater awareness of insurance for students from year 10 to university to encourage graduates to investigate insurance as a career of choice.

One of her many takeaways is that you’ve got to be inquisitive and you’ve really got to be bold and ask questions because if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Episode 34

Colin Chinner

“I think we could do it (claims) better, we can coordinate it better and then we can sell it a hell of a lot better!”

From leaving school at the age of 17 to being a founder Partner of MSM Loss Management, Colin Chinner knows a thing or two about claims. In this podcast, we speak of a number of aspects in Colin’s business life including what we need to do better as an insurance community – particularly during catastrophes and the gaps as he sees it in developing the next generation of insurance people.

Colin is also quite candid about the challenges of balancing work and raising a severely handicapped child. His proactive approach and his mantra that the ‘glass is half full’ is nothing short of inspirational.

Episode 33

Gary Gribbin

“The one thing I did get right in my career is that I never moved for money!”

Gary Gribbin derives satisfaction from being involved and working with people he respects – and as a legendary industry leader and academic, over the years, he has worked with the who’s who of insurance. The eldest of six children, Gary attributes his success to the drive and determination modelled to him by his mother and rates social relationships equally with technical capabilities. In this podcast, he encourages insurance professionals to develop their product knowledge, market knowledge, industry knowledge and to draw on all the resources they possibly can but at the same time, understand that soft skills and interpersonal skills are utterly critical.

Episode 32

John Dunk

“Have the courage to do what you know is right and lead people!”

A multi-generation farmer, John Dunk found it necessary to leave his farming lifestyle and develop a new career in insurance. Moving from what he had known (and loved) to establishing himself initially as an Insurance Inspector and eventually as a Broker came with its challenges. In John’s words, “I’d love people to buy into insurance to realise how important it is” sums up the importance John places on, not just what he does but what the insurance industry provides to so many at a critical time of need.

Episode 31

Aurora Voss

“You don’t have to love every single moment of what you do (for work) but love TO work! Be curious and open.”

From serving at bars in the UK and driving Ubers to become the co-founder and CEO of Zemble – an Australian Insuretech business, Aurora Voss has done and seen a lot. Her worldly experience is evidenced by the very way in which she views her business life. Her self-stated mission is “to deliver better tools to the people who are servicing insurance.”

In this podcast, Aurora discusses the challenges of raising a young family whilst simultaneously building a business from the ground up and the factors that have and are helping her to succeed.

Episode 30

Tony Walker

“Having that nerve to keep persisting and taking the knockbacks has helped me a lot!”

The classic story from mail person to CEO is what Tony Walker, CEO of PSC Network Partners has reflected upon in this podcast.

His passionate commitment to relationship-driven outcomes is very apparent in the outlooks he shares with us. Tony speaks of missed opportunities, being allowed to do your job, working with good people and job satisfaction – all tempered by the belief that ‘(insurance) business done online is not insurance’.

Episode 29

Simone Dossetor

“Find the opportunity to challenge yourself and look for things that are outside your comfort zone.”

A staunch advocate for Women in Leadership, Simone Dossetor discusses how we need to rethink leadership and why the insurance profession should be leading the actions in diversity and inclusion as well as climate change and environmental challenges.

She is of the opinion that there is no reason we should have a gender imbalance and that women, in particular, need to be lifelong learners with a growth mindset of challenging oneself.

Simone also speaks about difficult decisions in larger Organisations and the transparency required to communicate those messages to staff – and Simone should know as she presided over turbulent times in previous roles exacerbated by the fact that those were in the public environment.

Episode 28

Bob Dodd

“Having that nerve to keep persisting and taking the knockbacks has helped me a lot!”

Bob Dodd the CCO of Arteva Funding has become an integral part of the insurance community through his actions and activities in insurance premium funding. Brought up in a highly successful musical family, he shares with us the why and how he created a career in financial services. His recurring message of developing resilience has never been more important than it is currently and his thoughts on trust and the responsibilities of leadership will resonate with many of us.

Episode 27

Doron Grossman

“The secret to any career is to be curious. Ask lots of questions because it’s the question you don’t ask that is the most important question!”

Doron Grossman is of the firm belief that the insurance industry does not come with a prescribed handbook and his view that we are neglecting our responsibility to the younger generation entering the profession has been forged by his experience of over 40 years in many countries including Australia, Hungary, Singapore and Hong Kong. A man of action, he is of the opinion that physical activity generates mental activity however each brilliant idea is nothing without the desire, ability and commitment to execute. In this podcast, he urges us to make decisions bearing in mind one key fact – that we are in the people business not the insurance business.

Episode 26

Belinda Scott

“We (the insurance profession) might get it right 98% of the time, but the 2% we get wrong, we get really wrong!”

Belinda Scott believes it is a privilege to hold insured’s hands through troubled times but she is critical of our increasing habit of sitting behind a computer and send emails. She believes work enjoyment is a direct result of getting to really know clients, finding common interests with them, learning from them and creating relationships. In her words, “I can’t make insurance ‘sexy’. If you want to enjoy your job,…get out and (get to) know your Clients.” That client focus has enabled her to create an extraordinarily success insurance brokerage.

Episode 25

Simon Weaver

“I had no idea that I would find such an opportunity to build relationships, travel the world, understand different industries and for me to develop skills.”

Educated as a Plant Biologist, Simon Weaver has had quite the journey having chosen to relocate from the UK to Hong Kong and now settling in Australia. In this podcast, Simon candidly discusses the attributes that have seen him head-hunted by a number of high profile businesses throughout the world. A self-proclaimed advocate of making sure he did not have a rigid career plan, he believes that “you can afford a few side steps, you can afford a few mis-steps and you can even afford a change of direction as long as you’re willing to (embrace) diverse experiences.”

Simon is also a firm believer in transparency with Clients particularly when it comes to broker remuneration as it is, in his opinion, critical to enabling Brokers to articulate their value to Clients.

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Episode 24

David McKinnis

“We will be the same person we are today in 5 years time except for the people that we meet and the books we read. Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think!”

David McKinnis (Ex Community Broker Network) has some unique views on his business life’s work and what is really important in developing a career. For example, he comments that “If you’re going to be in a Role for a while, you need to be doing something extra, something different, do the hard tasks – then you will be recognised.” A firm believer in taking personal responsibility for self-development, David advocates that “success leaves clues” and that speaking with successful people can be the key to enhancing your achievements by finding out their secrets to success.

Episode 23

Jacqueline Rennie

“Never be afraid to take a step backwards to move forward!”

Jacqueline (Jaqi) Rennie is a true example of someone with enormous drive and can hand on heart say ‘been there, done that’! Commencing business life as a florist, she took up nursing, became a fitness instructor, managed an airline (on weekends) and completed an undergraduate degree in Law as well as a Masters in Law. In her own words, Jaqi has said, “Whilst many of these roles were enjoyable, some were not and trying to succeed as a female, particularly during the 90s had many challenges – to say the least.” She is the Managing Director of Austbrokers Trade Credit and has been since 2009.

Episode 22

Nick Kirk

“The (insurance) industry has always given me a different perspective, a wider perspective – you get an experience that makes you think differently about the world.”

Listening to stories told by his Grandfather and Father about their travels with the armed services sealed Nick Kirk’s fate as an incurable global explorer. His belief that you “don’t get big rewards without taking big risks” and his desire to have “an interesting life” has propelled Nick to work in many locales including UK, Belgium, Holland, Vietnam and Australia. The epitome of the quiet achiever, Nick has transformed businesses globally and spearheaded the establishment of Calliden Insurance in Australia. His candid account of his business experiences and their personal impact is fascinating.

Episode 21

Jenni Smith

“It’s about knowing what to do, doing what you say, being authentic, working hard and asking for help when you need it. What’s hard about that?”

From her corporate life in broadcasting, telecommunications and financial services sectors to establishing her own successful advisory practice, Jenni Smith has some fascinating insights that she shares with us in this podcast. Jenni also discusses women in business, diversity and inclusion, the opportunities in the insurance sector and her mantra of ‘giving it a crack’. Having dropped out of school when she was younger, listening to Jenni speak, you can’t help but be impressed by her tenacity and resilience to improve her knowledge and by default, her value to any organisation that she is a part of.

Episode 20

Maria Parry

“I’ve had some life challenges and whilst I don’t think they’ve changed me, I would definitely have to say that they’ve shaped me!”

Very few people commence with an Organisation in 1987 and 35 years later are more passionate and driven than they were back then. Maria Parry the COO of QIB Group is just such an individual! In fact, she says that, “(after) getting into the insurance industry, I have to say I’ve never been disappointed”.

A process and procedures driven leader, she set her business and life goals at the age of 16 and has rarely deviated from what she saw as her future. That’s not to say Maria has not faced challenges along the way – her major one being serious life-threatening health issues not once but twice in the last 15 years.

Maria is a strong believer in and proof that a positive attitude really is everything.

Episode 19

Clim Pacheco

“I realised that I had done everything for everyone else and got a lot of personal satisfaction. But what was I doing for society?”

“I realised that I had done everything for everyone else and got a lot of personal satisfaction. But what was I doing for society?”

As a multi-potentialite entrepreneur, Clim Pacheco has a history of reinventing himself and his business life. His career (apart from his Senior Executive role at ANZIIF), has spanned that of an Author, Engineer, Educator; Privatisation and rationalisation of Victoria’s Train, Tram and Bus, V/Line infrastructure; Leadership coach and mentor and student at Harvard. His model for business life includes Earning: Learning: Giving and he believes that 3+1+1=10 is the ideal life work model. Listen to his podcast to find out why and find out how he is using mentoring, messaging and thought leadership to reduce unemployment and under-employment!

Episode 18

David Wyner

“Claims people are…the most critical part of the insurance process where clients get to test the strength and the relevance of the money they’re spending in making sure they are properly insured.”

David Wyner is the ex-President, Chairman and Board Member of NIBA and one of those rare individuals who has worked for one Insurance Organisation for over 20 years. In this podcast, he discusses loyalty, learnings and how the profession has changed over the 40 years he has been involved in it.

His views on Authorised Representatives as a very real opportunity in the profession and gaining equity in business were forged from his personal experiences – both good and bad.

Episode 17

Janelle Greene

“We have to be innovative and create really great solutions and stay on the front foot, but we can’t lose sight of the things that really matter on a day to day basis and high service is going to matter!”

Many people work overseas but very few have the fortitude to back themselves in to take on roles for which they have had no formal training or experience. Janelle Greene the Chief Customer Officer for NTI has done just that in her early career. Janelle’s unshakeable belief that she will be able to master any role provided she is surrounded by the right people is an inspirational account of how teamwork and varying skillsets within a team creates success. Janelle is a living example of the fact that taking risks and seeking challenges outside your comfort zone can pay off if you are prepared to put in the work and commit to learning and bettering yourself.

Episode 16

Richard Crawford

“Without a doubt, the most valuable thing you can be armed with in (business) life is a half a dozen really good questions!”

How does a scientist with an environmental focus transition into leading one of Australia’s major Cluster Groups? Richard Crawford, CEO of Community Broker Network (CBN) discusses his varied career progression including the challenges he encountered in running his own SME business. In this podcast, he provides sage advice for leaders and aspiring leaders and the core attributes that are important in empowering people and developing careers.

One of Richard’s key mantras is that we should all be encouraged to ‘create a space for others to step into to grow and thrive!’

Episode 15

Angela Fitzpatrick

“There’s no one out there advocating for all the stuff you can learn (in insurance) whether it be risk, underwriting, actuarial, HR, compliance and you can do all of that through one Insurer if you really want to.”

Angela Fitzpatrick loves claims. In her words, it is ‘where the rubber hits the road’ and the point at which you can make a real difference in people’s lives. Over her career, she has stuck to the philosophy of ‘take a risk and find a good mentor.’ Angela shares with us how she has managed to do just that and create a successful career whilst navigating the challenges of raising a family, being true to her personal integrity and not settling for second best even when the chips were down.

Episode 14

Dr Allan Manning

“I’m really impressed with the younger, new entrants to the Industry. I think they’ve got a great thirst for knowledge.”

A dyslexic, high school dropout, Dr Allan Manning is now one of the most technically knowledgeable and highly sought after influential insurance persons of our times. Having attended most major catastrophes throughout Australia including the Queensland floods, the Victorian bushfires and the Port Arthur massacre, Dr Manning is exceptionally well placed to comment on what we, as a profession are doing well and where we need to improve. That said, in this podcast, he also shares with us the personal impact of attending such devastating tragedies and the joys and challenges of running a family business.

Episode 13

Veronica Grigg

“The key is that you keep up to date and relevant. The other thing(s) are that you’re enquiring and more importantly, that you’re reinventing yourself!”

Veronica Grigg the President of Crawford Asia has the knowledge and experience that has transcended multiple industries and Countries. In this podcast, she shares with us how she managed to propel her career to the levels she did including where and how she devoted her energies as well as the impacts on her personal life as a single parent of a young child.

Veronica’s career diversity has encompassed working on rural properties, artificial insemination on farms, consulting to financial services businesses, being an employee of a major Insurer and dealing with Claims at an executive level. Her lived experiences has meant that she is able to understand and empathise because as Veronica puts it, “Nothing comes in an organised kit for you just to assemble”.

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Episode 12

Robert Kelly

“If you’re not conversant with moving into the digital age, then you should get out of this Industry.”

Robert Kelly opens up about life before Steadfast and the watershed moments that led him to the general insurance profession. He shares with us his passion for learning and why that is so important for anyone seeking to progress in their business careers.

In his inimitable way, the MD and CEO of the Steadfast Group explain what has driven him over the years and what continues to drive him to this day. He speaks about those who influenced his personal life and career and why those influences were so important to him.

Episode 11

Stella Pruscino

“It is constant learning and development in ourselves as individuals that keeps us relevant.”

This podcast is extraordinary listening for those who are looking for inspiration in balancing family and career and what you need to consider in managing both. Highlighting the importance of education and technical training, Stella Pruscino explains why that has helped her achieve significant success in the Broking space. She also discusses the challenges of being a single mother of two young children whilst building a career, the value of mentors and having open and honest communications to enhance knowledge. Stella speaks about the voluntary positions she has held and why they are so important to her including her involvement with the female entrepreneur group,

Episode 10

Steven Manning

“There is a level of reward you get that’s greater than anything else when you can truly go home knowing you have helped someone or made their life just that little bit easier.”

Steven Manning, the CEO of the LMI Group, has some big shoes to fill. In this podcast, Steve discusses the challenges and benefits of having Professor Allan Manning as his father and inspirational guide, the benefits of being in a family business and his global expansion plans for LMI. He has some great advice for others who are seeking to establish their own footprint in the profession and how important family is to achieving any business aspirations. Steven firmly believes that “if you decide to make this industry your career, it offers a fantastic opportunity.”

Episode 9

Damien Coates

“You can’t move forward in your career if people don’t respect you and people want to be led by you and people believe in you.”

Damien Coates believes that “we’ve got to keep challenging and stretching ourselves because society in every fabric is changing and we’ve got to make sure we keep up with it.” And he should know. Apart from his role as CEO for Dual Asia Pacific, Damien discusses the impact of mental health on his life as well as the personal impact of having been front and centre of the third largest corporate fraud in Australia’s history. His views are unabashedly honest and forthright as he talks about the non-negotiables of hard work, personal betrayal and the three pillars of managing his own mental health to, as he puts it, “keep the dam under control”.

Episode 8

Joan Fitzpatrick

“There’s an interesting correlation between childhood trauma and the ability to be strong and resilient later in life!”

From living in constant fear and danger all her teenage life to backing herself in developing businesses in overseas destinations, Joan Fitzpatrick speaks about the challenges she has faced and how they have impacted her business life. A huge advocate of equality in all its forms, be it religion, colour, sex or any other form of ‘ism, Joan shares with us the key aspects that have contributed to her success and longevity in the profession.

Episode 7

William Legge

“Insurance and Banking are the basis of all progress (modern) mankind has ever made anywhere and at any time and to be part of it is a pretty big buzz!”

The General Manager of the Underwriting Agencies Council, Mr William Legge discusses how selling publications along the east coast delivered him to the doorstep of the insurance profession. In this podcast, he also shares with us his learnings from doing business in the South East Asian markets and how that influenced his attitude to insurance business back home in Australia.

Episode 6

Cassandra Goodman

“What surprised me was the number of senior executives that have just lost their way, that had lost connection with their sense of compassion and their caring nature. By hardening their hearts what I saw was unnecessary diminishment and disempowerment of really brilliant humans.”

As the creator of the Centre for Self Fidelity, Cassandra Goodman assists employers and employees to: Remember and reconnect to their essential nature, Restore their trust in their goodness, uniqueness, worthiness and connectedness and Activate more of their potential by cultivating trust in themselves.

In this podcast, Cassandra shares her insights into how and why she does what she does!

Episode 5

Colin Fagen

“Getting more forethought into how you prepare for the future, not how you protect the past is particularly important!”

The Managing Director of Blue Zebra, Colin Fagen, speaks about his life in the corporate sphere before venturing into the great unknown – that of creating his own business. He discusses the anxious uncertainty following his public departure from a major insurer and how forced change created significant opportunities for him.

Episode 4

Prue Willsford

“There is literally a job in insurance for any single person who has a tertiary qualification.”

As the first in her family to obtain a formal qualification, Prue Willsford lives and breathes education. In this podcast Prue also discusses taking risks, backing yourself in and the part men can play in assisting women to develop their careers.

Episode 3

Shaun Standfield

“You’ve got to put yourself forward to take opportunities. You can’t sit back and wait for people to ask!”

Shaun discusses the Authorised Representative landscape and what it took for him to transition from a global role with QBE to leading one of the most successful Authorised Representative groups in Australia.

Episode 2

Dallas Booth

“I’m convinced in 5 to 10 years time, Blockchain (technology) is going to be very much a part of normal (insurance) transaction processes”

Dallas Booth’s commitment to Australian Insurance Brokers has been exemplary. We discuss the future of Broking as well as new horizons such as BlockChain technology with Dallas on the eve of his departure from NIBA.

Episode 1

Gary Seymour

“Corporations don’t give back like your friends and family do. Looking after yourself makes you a better professional.”

From starting business life in a small Victorian country town to sitting at the Boardroom tables of some of the largest insurance businesses in Australia, Gary Seymour shares his views on what it takes to be successful in the world of Insurance Broking.

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